Menstruelle Underwear

Period Pants

We have the manufacture of Menstrual underwear with our know-how of more than 20 years in our manufacturing plant in Turkey which and already specialize in manufacturing underwear and Seamless Textile.

We offer you the possibility of making your Menstrual Slip, Panties, Boxer products in a professional and industrial production line.


How Are Menstrual Underwear Made?

Cheeky Period Panties

We have developed different quality fabrics for the realization of the menstrual layer in order to obtain the best absorption, anti-odor and retention.

The production of the fabrics layers

  1. Absorbent layer: Cotton, bamboo, tencel and more available
  2. Retention layer: Polyurethane / Polyester or Polyurethane / Cotton
  3. Textile product layer: Polyamide, Nylon or cotton

  • The layers can be increased upon to the request 

Our Advantagess​

Period Underwear

All our materials are with Oeko-tex and GOTS certificated.
Each material is being specially produced 100% Made in Turkey.
Being an industrial manufacturer of Menstrual Underwear, you have a wide choice of quality of fabrics, colors and models.
Your own models will be also produced identically with a guarantee of sending the prototype for agreement before production.
We have 3 different degrees of absorption with a size gradation from XS to XXL.
All of our Menstrual Underwear can be produced in personalized packaging with your brand for ready-to-sell delivery.
Do not hesitate to ask us for more information.